Specifications by Division

Supplementary Conditions

Part 1 - what are they good for?

Part 2 - frosting on the cake

Part 3 - an architect by any other name...

Division 01 - General Requirements

Balance, Balance, Balance...  


10 Things You Should Know About Surety Bonding  

Sustainable Design and Building Resources 

Division 1 - Making it Work 

What color is green?

Part 1 - sorting out the garbage

Part 2 - the inside story

Part 3 - "green, green, it's green they say..."

Sustainable design: green design desperately needs standards; USGBC offers hope

fertilizer for green architecture 

Division 02 - Site Work

Gravity 101: The Force Behind the Wall 

Division 03 - Concrete

Division 04 - Masonry 

Air & Vapor Infiltration in Masonry Assemblies 

Cleaning Masonry   

Moisture-Controlled Concrete Masonry Units Removed from ASTM C90  

Masonry Mortar in the 21st Century 

Masonry End Dams  

Mortar Cement 

Division 05 - Metals

Division 06 - Wood and Plastics

Boards Without Trees? 

Drawer Slide Testing - BHMA vs. BIFMA 

Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection

Cold Caulking Blues 

How do You Seal Your Building Envelope? 

Security Sealants 

Insulating Masonry 

Sealants for Masonry 

Wind: Why is it a problem? 

Wind: In the field of the roof 

Reflections on a Cool Roof  

Division 08 - Doors and Windows

The Benefits of Daylighting 

Accessible Openings 

Where are the Door Operators?  

Positive Pressure 

It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World 

Division 09 - Finishes

Acoustically Speaking, More is Not Always Better 

Understanding the Coefficient of Friction 

Performance of Acoustical Materials 

Paper-Faced Sheathing 

Substrate Preparation for Flooring 

New VOC Restrictions for Field-Applied Coatings 

VOC Rules for Architectural and Maintenance Coatings 

Products affected by 1999 VOC rules 

Division 10 - Specialties

Division 11 - Equipment

Division 12 - Furnishings

Division 13 - Special Construction

Division 14 - Conveying Systems

Division 15 - Mechanical

Division 16 - Electrical

Material from CSI Chapter newsletters used with permission.