Brock White VOC Compliant Products

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new national regulations that limit the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions of chemical products. These regulations, effective September 13, 1999, will affect the chemical products you now use in the construction industry.

More than 60 categories of construction chemical products are affected, including form release compounds, concrete curing compounds, concrete sealing compounds, waterproofing sealers, and treatments.

Only those chemical products that meet EPA regulations can be manufactured after September 13, 1999. Existing inventory in the distribution channel before that date can be sold until the stock is depleted, but new orders after that date must be for products that meet EPA regulations. By mid- September, it will be difficult to fill customer orders for these affected products.

What you need to do: Look over the list of affected products, and anticipate your needs through the end of the year or however long you'd like to be using these products. Also keep this list in mind when doing your bidding for projects in the future.

Be ready for your future needs. Place your orders now; when the supplies of these products are gone - they are gone!

We anticipate significant price increases on some of these new products.

The change to VOC compliant products will cause many of these products to be water-based. If you are used to storing these products outside during the winter months, you will need to make other arrangements.

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More comments by Rick Trudell, CSI, CDT, Hallman/Lindsay Paint
Brock White Products VOC? Alternate product
BW Crete Seal no BW Crete Seal VOC
BW Crete Seal W ok
BW Crete Seal VOC ok
Sonneborn Products VOC? Alternate product
Kure-N-Seal Water Base ok
Kure-N-Seal W ok
Kure-N-Seal Gray no use gray additive in Kure-N-Seal W
Kure-N-Seal no Kure-N-Seal VOC, W, or WB
Kure-N-Seal 0800 no Kure 1315, Kure-N-Seal 0800 VOC
Kure-N-Seal 30 ok
Sonosil ok
Kure-N-Harden ok
Lapidolith ok
Sonomar VOC Transparent ok
Sonoglaze VOC ok
Sonothane VOC ok
Sonothane MVP no Sonothane VOC
Primer 751 no Chalky Surface Primer VOC
Sonoguard Primer 772 no Primer 770, Sonoguard Adhesion Promoter
White Roc 7 Plus no White Roc W
White Roc 10 WR-X no White Roc 10 VOC
Penetrating Sealer 20 no Penetrating Sealer 40 VOC
Penetrating Sealer 40 no Penetrating Sealer 40 VOC
White Roc Toner no White Roc Toner VOC
Kure-N-Seal VOC ok
Kure 1315 ok
Kure-N-Seal 0800 VOC ok
Chalky Surface Primer VOC ok
Primer 770, Sonoguard Adhesion Promoter ok
White Roc W ok
White Roc 10 VOC ok
Penetrating Sealer 40 VOC ok
White Roc Toner VOC ok
ProSoCo Products VOC? Alternate product
SK Saltguard Consolideck no Saltguard Consolideck WB
SK Weather Seal Slioxane no WSeal Siloxane WB
SK WSeal Nat. Stone no WSeal Siloxane WB
SK Weatherseal Siloxane WB ok
SK WSeal Siloxane WB ok
Saltguard Consolideck WB ok
SK WSeal Siloxane PD ok
Symons Products VOC? Alternate product
Magic Kote ok
Thrift Kote 5's ok
Cure-N-Seal 55's 14% no Cure & Seal 14% E
Cure & Seal 14% E ok
Thoro Products  VOC? Alternate product
Thoroclear 777 no Enviroseal 7
Thoroclear Spec. ok
Thoroglaze Reg. ok
Thoroglaze H no Thoroglaze Reg
Hydrozo Products VOC? Alternate product
Enviroseal Double 7 HD ok
Enviroseal Double 7 Brick ok
Enviroseal 40 ok
Enviroseal 20 ok
Hydrozo Silane 40 no Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC, Enviroseal 40
Hydrozo CNR Clear 650 DNS no Enviroseal 20
Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC ok
Enviroseal 7 ok
Nox-Crete Products VOC? Alternate product
Nox-Crete Form Coating no will be reformulated
Chembeton 103 no will be reformulated
Nox-Crete Deactivator ok
Sparkl-Seal no available under tonnage agreement, or use Sparkle Seal E
Sparkl-Seal E ok
W.R. Meadows Products VOC? Alternate product
Resin Cure 3100-D with dye no 1100 Clear WB can be dyed
Resin Cure 3100-C Clear no 1100 Clear WB
White Pig 2230 Solv no White Pig Cure WB-1250
White Pig Cure WB-1250 ok
White Pig Cure WB-1600 ok
White Pig Cure Linseal ok
Duoguard Form Release no Duoguard VOC
1100 Clear WB ok
Duoguard VOC ok
T.K. Products VOC? Alternate product
TK Form Release Concentrate 5334 reform. TK-5534
TK-M-16-5 Form Release reform TK-M-176
TK Tri-Seal Floor Sealer no Tri-Seal 1315
TK AS-30 ok
TK 2519DC Concrete Cure no TK 2519 DC WB
TK Achro Seal AS-1 no AS-1 1315
TK Bright Seal ok
TK Tri-Kote 26% Clear no TK-26UV
Tri-Coat 26 no TK 26UV
TK 18 Tri-Kote no TK 26UV
Kure & Seal no AS-1 1315
Lin Oil Cure Clear L368 ok
White Pig Cure Lin Oil L368 ok
8% Siloxane Sealer TK290-8 no TK-290 WB
TK Bright Seal WB ok
TK AS-1 1315 VOC Achro Seal ok
TK AS-1 WB 1315 VOC Achro Seal WB ok
TK Tri-Seal 1315 VOC ok
TK-26UV VOC ok
Sika Products VOC? Alternate product
Sikaguard 70 no Sikaguard 701W
Sikaguard 701W ok