TechNotes articles address issues related to CSI's technical documents, CSI activities and future, and construction documents in general.

MasterFormat, OCCS, Specifications 

Manual of Practice 

My Kind of Town - Chicago!

CSI - Where is It Going? 

Electronic Documents 

CSI Technical Activities 

MasterFormat, OCCS, Specifications

MasterFormat - The Great Debate Have we lost the ability to look to the future?

He/she, PC, Tee-hee! Gender-neutrality in construction documents.

Absolute Nonsense Specifiers on talk radio?

Responsibility: Who is responsible? Have architects become little more than glorified illustrators?

The Big Picture A six-part series, written in 2001, explaining how the Technical Committee developed its recommendation for expansion of MasterFormat.

Are 16 Divisions enough? Written in 1999, this was one of the first articles to question the need for additional MasterFormat Divisions to address the needs of new technologies and non-building construction.

The Future of Specifications How has the specifier's job changed over the years? What will it be in the future?

Goose Eggs A light-hearted look at the inconsistencies in CSI technical documents.

CSI - Where is It Going?

What were the "good old days"?

It's going to hell in a bushel basket! What are all the complaints about?

Is That All There Is? No "specifications" in CSI? An honest look at what CSI has done proves otherwise.

50 Year Report Card: Has CSI achieved its original goals? A look at each of the original goals and how they have been met - or not.

Manual of Practice 

Specifiers have the MOP, but do they use it? Are they weak in faith? A look at some of the deviations from recommended practice.

MOP Update: A four-part series, written in 1998-1999, explaining how the Technical Committee developed its recommendation for expansion of the MOP.

Electronic Documents

Technological Tragedy of the Commons - Uncontrolled use slows down e-mail and websites.

The future of construction documents; how they will be affected by electronic documents.

Web Dummies? - HTML isn't that hard! Chapters should create and maintain their own websites.

Double-Barreled E-Mail Sshotgun mailing, reply to all 

CSI Technical Activities

Mega Weekend - Mega-Great or Mega-Waste? CSI's annual meeting of Institute Committees and Region Chairs.

CSI forms alliances with Architects' First Source, Design Build Institute of America: Strategic Alliances

Chapter technical activities: Virtual Committees

Material from CSI Chapter newsletters used with permission.