The Technical Documents area includes TechNotes and other articles about a variety of subjects of interest to those interested in design, construction, and maintenance of facilities. Look here for information about building codes, products, installation, and similar topics.

GUI Bytes articles deal with computer issues, sometimes with a bit of humor.

Look in The Practice of Writing Specifications area for tips on how to write specifications. Format, content, and grammar are discussed, with practical examples to illustrate correct writing practices.

Mr. Wolfe Goes to Washington is a series of articles that discuss and explain what goes on at Institute Board meetings.

Specifications by Division includes technical articles that have appeared in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter newsletter.

Q&A Columns includes answers to questions submitted to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter Technical Committee and printed in the chapter newsletter.

Survey Results

I sent two surveys to all CSI and CSC chapters. One was sent to chapter newsletter editors, the other to chapter presidents, with instructions that it be passed on to the chapter website manager.

Each survey was sent to nearly two hundred chapters. I received about seventy responses from website managers, and about forty-five from newsletter editors.

The results were summarized, and some of the results were included in a communications workshop at the 2006 CSC Annual Convention/CSI North Central Region Conference in Winnipeg, 25 May 2006.

Survey results:

If you are looking for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter, CSI, website, go to www.CSI-MSP.org.

Material from CSI Chapter newsletters used with permission.