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Using Your Computer 

E-Mail and the Internet for CSI 

The Internet for Business 

General Computer/Internet Discussions 

Using Your Computer

Twenty Years Ago - A trip down memory lane, and a look at what has changed since the introduction of the personal computer

SpecProcessor! Word processor features that can make it easier to write and edit specifications.

Make Your Computer Easier to Use - Windows control panel, monitor resolution, split screens, Powertoys, TweakUI 

It's All in the Name - Logical filenames are still useful 

Talking to Computers - Voice interface 

E-Mail and the Internet for CSI

Technological Tragedy of the Commons - Uncontrolled use slows down e-mail and websites

Murphy's Law Strikes a Webconference - the terrible tale of the Mpls.-St. Paul Chapter's first attempt at hosting a webconference

Electronic Distribution of Newsletters 

Web Dummies? - HTML isn't that hard! 

The Truth is Out There - Now Go and Get It! The CSI web site has a lot of information for members 

Dying Star - The end of the NorthStarCSI website 

One Picture is Not Worth Ten Thousand Bytes! - Images with large file sizes are a waste of time 

Double-Barreled E-Mail - shotgun mailing, reply to all 

E-Mail Cleaner - get rid of those annoying >>> symbols!

The Internet for Business

Talk to Me - Why you need e-mail and a web site

Talk to Me Some More - Interactivity on the Internet

Quit Talking and Show Me! - Collaborative software, real-time info

General Computer and Internet Discussions

Internet Politics - Will the Internet continue to be free? 

A Tale of Two Techies - customer service for computers

Computers - Idiots Savant? Are we losing our ability to make decisions? 

Beta Test - Politicians, regulation, and standards for the computer industry

Birthday Virus - a virus can leave tracks even after it's gone

Y2K Plus 1 - a prediction of the effects of the Y2K problem

Y2K - A Matter of Time - what Y2K is all about, other similar problems

Y2K in Specifications - what's wrong with typical requirements for Y2K compliance 

Material from CSI Chapter newsletters used with permission.