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get rid of those nasty >> symbols and unwanted carriage returns

When e-mail is returned or forwarded, many e-mail programs add angle brackets at the beginning of each line to indicate text from the original message. If a message is re-sent more than once, these brackets pile up, making the text hard to read. Another problem with returned or forwarded e-mail is that it usually ends up with strange line breaks, leaving only a couple of words on some lines.

There is a wonderful utility that will remove the angle brackets and clean up the line breaks. Named "eCleaner", this utility is a free download at

Not only is it free, but it's easy to use. Start the program, select all of the text in your e-mail, copy the text (you don't have to use ctrl-c, but give it a try), paste the text into the Cleaner window, then run the program. It also works on other text documents. When you're done, you can either paste the cleaned up text back into the e-mail or paste it to some other file.

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screen capture from eCleaner 2.01

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